Frances Williams

Frances WilliamsFrances Williams has worked for CABI, a not-for-profit international organization that improves people’s lives by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment, for 3 years. She has a Masters in Environmental Economics and Management from the University of York and has a range of experience in assessing direct and indirect economic costs, cost effectiveness and cost benefit analyses, including the economic costs of invasive alien species in a variety of geographic, climatic and ecological contexts. She has also carried out analyses of farmers’ livelihood coping strategies in response to changed community resource management, including analysis of sources of farming inputs and adaptive response mechanisms in relation to household income size. Her work has involved use of published literature, grey literature and technical, farmer and household interviews, gathering, analysing and evaluating both quantitative and qualitative data.

Williams F, Eschen R, Harris A, Djeddour D, Pratt C, Shaw R, Varia S, Lamontagne-Godwin J, Thomas SE, Murphy ST (2010). The economic cost of invasive non-native species to Great Britain. CABI, 198 pp

Adhikari,B., Williams, F. and Lovett, J. (2007) Local benefits from community forests in the middle hills of Nepal. Forest Policy and Economics Vol 9(5), 464-478