Stephen Hynes

Stephen is a lecturer in the Disciple of Economics in the National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland with responsibility for the program of research within the Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit (SEMRU). He has a strong background in applied marine and environmental/natural resource economic research and extensive work experience in econometric modelling. Stephen received his PhD in Environmental Economics from Stirling University, Scotland. He has previously worked as an environmental economist in the Rural Economy Research Centre, Teagasc and as a lecturer in Economics in the Department of Economics, NUI Galway. Stephen’s main research interest is in the economics of the natural resource exploitation and his work has been published by a number of the top ranked journals in the fields of marine, agriculture, environmental and natural resource economics.

Recent Publications:

Hynes, S. and Farrelly, N. (2012). Defining standard statistical coastal regions for Ireland, Marine Policy 36: 393-404

Hynes, S. and Campbell, D (2011). Estimating the welfare impacts of agricultural landscape change in Ireland: a choice experiment approach, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 54: 1019-1039

Hynes, S., Campbell, D. and Howley, P. (2011). A Holistic vs. an Attribute-based Approach to Agri-Environmental Policy Valuation: Do Welfare Estimates Differ? Journal of Agricultural Economics, 62 (2): 305-329

Hynes, S., Hanley, N. and O’Donoghue, C. (2010). A Combinatorial Optimization Approach to Non-market Environmental Benefit Aggregation via Simulated Populations, Land Economics, 86 (2): 345-362.

Hynes, S., Morrissey, K., O’Donoghue, C. and Clarke, G.. (2009) A Spatial Microsimulation Analysis of Methane Emissions from Irish Agriculture. Journal of Ecological Complexity 6: 135- 146.

Hynes, S., Hanley, N. and O’Donoghue, C. (2009). Alternative treatments of the cost of time in recreational demand models: an application to whitewater kayaking in Ireland. Journal of Environmental Management 90(2):1014-1021.

Hynes, S., Hanley, N. and Scarpa, R. (2008). Effects on Welfare Measures of Alternative Means of Accounting for Preference Heterogeneity in Recreational Demand Models. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90 (4): 1011-1027.