Joe Caffrey

Joe Caffrey is a Senior Research Officer with Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI), a statutory body whose primary function is the protection and conservation of the inland fisheries resource. He was awarded his Doctorate in Aquatic Botany from University College Dublin, Ireland, in 1990. He has been employed with IFI and its predecessor organisations since 1976. His principal research interests over this time period have focused on the biology, ecology and management of aquatic macrophytes and non-salmonid freshwater fish species in natural and artificial aquatic habitats.

In more recent years his research has brought him into contact with freshwater invasive species and he is currently heading up the Invasive Species Section within IFI. This work involves researching the biology and ecology of freshwater invasive species (whether macrophyte, macroinvertebrate or fish) that are present or are likely to be introduced to Ireland and developing new and innovative methods to control or manage them. He offers advice to the Government in relation to his primary research responsibilities and provides support in the development of national policy and legislation in these areas.

Selected Publications

BAARS, J.R., COETZEE, J.A., MARTIN, G., HILL, M.P. and CAFFREY, J.M. (2010). Natural enemies from South Africa for biological control of Lagarosiphon major (Ridl.) Moss ex Wager (Hydrocharitaceae) in Europe. Hydrobiologia 656: 149-158

CAFFREY, J.M., MILLANE, M., EVERS, S., MORAN, H. and BUTLER, M. (2010). A novel approach to aquatic weed control and habitat restoration using biodegradable jute matting. Aquatic Invasions 5(2): 123-129

CAFFREY, J.M., EVERS, S., MILLANE, M. and MORAN, H.  (2011)  Current status of Ireland’s newest invasive species – the Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea (Müller, 1774)) Aquatic Invasions 6: 3, 291-299

CAFFREY, J.M., EVERS, S., MILLANE, M. and MORAN, H.  (2011)  Management of Lagarosiphon major (Ridley) moss in Lough Corrib – A Review.  Biology and Environment 111B (3), 205-212

HAYDEN, B., GALLUCCI-MASSA, A., CAFFREY, J.M., HARROD, C., MARIANI, S., O’GRADY, M. and KELLY-QUINN, M.  (2011)  Trophic dynamics within a hybrid zone – interactions between abundant cyprinid hybrid and sympatric parental species. Freshwater Biology 2011.  Doi:1111/j.1365-2427.2011.02604.x

DICK,  J.T.A. , GALLAGHER, K., AVLIJAS, S., CLARKE, H.C., LEWIS, S.E., LEUNG, S, MINCHIN, D., CAFFREY, J., ALEXANDER, M.E., MAGUIRE, C., HARROD, C., REID, N., HADDAWAY, N.R., FARNSWORTH, K.D., PENK, M. and RICCIARDI, A.  (2012)   Ecological impacts of an invasive predator explained and predicted by comparative functional responses.  Biological Invasions ISSN 1387-3547

BRAZIER, B., CAFFREY, J., CROSS, T.F. and CHAPMAN, D.V.  (2012)  A history of common carp Cyprinus carpio (L.) in Ireland: A Review.  Irish Fisheries Investigations No. 25 2012.